About Ocaso Press Ltda.

view from Ocaso Press Ltda. headquarters
Ocaso Press (Publicaciones Comunicaciones y Servicios Ocaso Press: RUT 76.681.870-6) is a small publishing company operating out of Santiago in Chile.
Company Address:
1110 Roberto del Rio
Depto. 401
Tel: +56-2-2233 7797

The junior partner is Patricia Contreras Torres, who is also a painter exhibiting in Chile, England and the USA.

The senior partner is Colin John Holcombe, whose varied life spans four careers. In the first he was an exploration geologist working in Iran, Afghanistan, Morocco, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bolivia and Chile. In the second he became a corporate high-flyer, managing research and company acquisitions for the world's second-largest mining company. He then became a writer, supporting himself with typesetting, international numismatics (ancient and Asian issues) and computer programming (helped program the world's largest online gambling site).

In his fourth existence he became much involved in the UK literary scene, acting as editor and events organizer and publishing his poems in the better-known small presses of the UK and USA. He currently writes and manages a varied range of successful websites. Ecommerce Digest.Com offers a complete course in ebusiness, and formerly sold an e-book to 60 countries. Poetry Portal and PoetryMagic are now closed, but TextEtc.Com is widely listed on university, educational and literary sites. Oil-Painting-Techniques.Com is a popular and detailed guide to painting in oils.

Ocaso Press can be contacted by email on ppm_editor@litlangs.com or as below.