Practical Publishing

Practical Publishing 
publishingWritten with the beginning publisher in mind, but covering all that the advanced publisher will need to exploit today's new publishing opportunities, this Practical Publishing Handbook is:
  • thorough: 68,000 words, 220 pages, 1520 references.
  • practical: exactly what you need to do at each step.
  • honest: how publishing operates, with insider information and internet surveys.
  • to the point: summarizes each topic and adds sites for checks and research.
  • free: some links are out of date, as are sections in Chapter 7 covering Internet publication, but this originally $14.95 guide is now issued free.
  • If you really want to get that book or article published, this reference work may well prove a lifesaver. You'll have a map of the entire publishing world, traditional and contemporary, and will be able to choose the publishing or self-publishing route best suited to your time, talents and financial requirements.
  • The Handbook is free. Click here for your pdf ebook copy.